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Community Voting Systems

Websight Creative’s has been directing consideration and resources to the development of humanitarian systems for some time, with clear intention to support individual and community enablement, enlightenment and empowerment for the prosperity of humankind, more formally as an Australian registered entity from 2015, with more expert web developers joining, and now as a company.


The initial version of Community Voting Systems was philanthropically created for Cr Jonathan Sri in 2016 as a customisable extension of a worldwide advancing system being created at www.Freewill.vision, created to support his shared desire to better include, consider and represent all of the Gabba community.


A newer version of Community Voting Systems has recently been developed to be able to standalone with the data being even more secure. We have also recently upgraded the system to enable preferential voting and to display any community data voting changes in real-time without needing to refresh pages.


With recent advancements to Community Voting Systems, and proven performance over recent years with the Gabba, Cr Kara Cook decided in 2021 to also to apply our system to enable the Morningside community with a clearer sense of community development options and with live-voting ability.


Each system is very customisable, with the colours, logo, heading and web-address etc, and the ability to enable or disable available sections including Projects, Polls and Policies.


We launched a public insight website at www.CommunityVotingSystems.com on 18-May-2021 to publicly share more sense of this system and to support our intentions to further share and advance the system’s development for everyone.

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